VDAY WEEK Day 4: Favorite Snack!

Today is all about red velvet (one of my many favorites)! I made these brownies awhile a go but they were perfect for Valentines day, so I thought I’d save the post until now!


I made red velvet brownies and they were DELICIOUS! I found the recipe on pinterest, but the actual site is Sallys Baking Addiction.

Mine didn’t look like her pictures at all (her’s were way prettier), but I also struggled with the cream cheese swirl. I also doubled the recipe because I accidentally added too many eggs, but it ended up being for the best because the doubled recipe made a 9×13 pan, which meant more goodness! 🙂


I HIGHLY recommend this recipe to any fellow red velvet lovers, and good luck! See you all tomorrow for what Valentines Day means to me!

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