50 Shades of Grey Review

So I went to see 50 Shades of Grey OPENING NIGHT, and it was completely worth it! If you’ve read the books, then you’ll probably be like me when entering the theater. I had didn’t have a lot of expectations because I was just really interested in how the were going to pull it off with only a “R” rating, and I was worried that it was going to be a horrible movie.

I also wasn’t a fan of the actors they chose to play Ana and Christian. But after watching the movie, I think Jamie Doran is actually the perfect Christian Grey. A lot of critics don’t think his performance was good at all, but I kind of liked it, actually LOVED him as Christian (lots will say I’m crazy for saying that). I also really liked Dakota Johnson as Ana. Johnson and Doran started the movie with a little awkwardness between them but I think it really worked for the movie. They added some humor to the movie as well, and that was a really great addition! It lightened the mood a little bit.

And on to the elephant in the room: the sex scenes. I didn’t think they were that horrible. They were obviously very intense, just like the book, but I didn’t think they were too much. It all depends how you feel about those kinds of scenes in movies, hopefully if you’re not a fan you don’t go to the movie considering the sex is basically the point of the movie.

The ending will get you. It made me beyond mad and frustrated. Ultimately, I will be in the theater opening night for the second movie (if we are lucky enough to get the second, fingers crossed). 🙂

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