Blogmas Days 20, 21, and 22: Playing Catch Up

So I’ve been a little busy with Christmas and work and have fallen slightly behind on my daily posts. Luckily, they were the ones that I had absolutely no ideas for.

Day 20 was a Christmas Card reveal, and my family doesn’t even have a card this year. My brother is completely against pictures, so we can NEVER get a decent family picture.

Day 21 was a healthy Christmas snack…lol. I never associate Christmas time with healthy…it’s usually all about cookies and candy and of course a big dinner or two. So that being said, I had absolutely nothing to post for yesterday either.

But today, Blogmas Day 22, is all about Favorite Christmas movies, and I’m all about those!

Christmas Movies

These are all the best in my book! I probably share some favorites with a lot of you, but these are pretty much some of the classics!


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Blogmas Day 18: Gingerbread House/Cookie Challenge

I didn’t really want to spend the money on a Gingerbread house kit and I really wouldn’t have the patience to construct one myself so I changed today to focus on cookies in general. I spent about 2 hours the other day frosting sugar cookies so here’s a pic of my favorites. I also made peanut butter balls, and they are the BEST. I found the recipe HERE, if you wanna try them for yourself!


I tried to make the trees look kind of “piney” with the frosting, and I think it turned out pretty good! I also tried to keep the snowmen simple and cute!

Good luck on your baking endeavors! And check back tomorrow for my favorite holiday songs! AND THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM…so get ready! 🙂

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Blogmas Day 17: Giving Back

Blogmas Day 17

Alright so I have this super cool pic of a cat ornament, and I didn’t even get out and give back. My friend Molly (from All Things M) and I are planning to stop by the local humane society and spend some time with some cute pooches and cuddly kittens! Sounds like the perfect thing to do especially since we’re super broke college girls. So I’ll make sure to post a couple of pictures from that outing when we get to it!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a Gingerbread challenge, but I’m switching it up to Christmas cookies that I decorated! So tomorrow I’ll post about that!

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Blogmas Day 16: Christmas Quiz

Blogmas Day 16

Here’s my results for the Buzzfeed “What kind of Christmas Cookie are You?” Quiz! Take a look!

#1 copy

#2 copy

#3 copy

Only because of the Santa Claus 2 movie, Comet is soooo cute in that movie! But the Prancer movies is really adorable, so he’s a close second.

#4 copy

Apple Cider is my favorite winter drink, but I’ve never dipped a cookie in it before…could be interesting.

#5 copy

I’m pretty sparkly. 😉

#6 copy #7 copy

I’m definitely not picky!

#10 copy

I like almost any Christmas Song, so this was a tough one!

#8 copy

A lot of these could describe me…I think!

#9 copy


#11 copy

I think that description fits me pretty well! Find out what cookie you are HERE! 🙂 Tomorrow is all about giving back!

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Blogmas Day 15: Christmas Traditions

Blogmas Day 15

My family has been doing pretty much the same thing every Christmas for as long as I can remember.

My mom’s side always spends Christmas Eve and Christmas morning together. Grandma makes us a super delicious roast beef dinner, and then while the adults wash dishes, us children separate presents downstairs and “patiently” wait until it’s time to open them. My cousins and I (there is only four of us) usually stay the night at our grandparents, and then wait until “morning” to open our stockings…(we count midnight as morning). Then we wake up to homemade caramel rolls.

On my dad’s side, we usually get together the Saturday before Christmas. We have lunch, and when all the cousins were younger we used to draw names for presents because we’re a pretty large family. But once we all got older, we switched to white elephant gifts. Each of us would find some that we didn’t want anymore, or a bad gift from someone else and wrap it up and give it away. This year we switched it up to actual gifts, so I’m excited to see what we all came up with.

Another tradition that I really love on this side of my family, is that our grandparents give each grandchild, and each couple an ornament. Before my grandma passed, she’d usually pick a specific one for each of us which I thought was really special (I still have ALL of mine). Now, my grandpa gets us all super pretty ball ornaments (last years is in my title picture).

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Blogmas Day 14: DIY Christmas Ornament

Okay…so I’m usually all over anything DIY but I couldn’t figure out any super easy and quick way to create my own Christmas ornament. I haven’t really had the most time to find all the materials and make an ornament (gotta love finals week). So I thought I’d kind of switch up today’s post and make it my favorite Christmas ornaments!
I have a lot that I really enjoy but here’s a few 🙂
I love this one because I love baking, and of course, it’s from my grandparents.
I also enjoy moose/reindeer, so obviously I love this cutie!
As a potential, future cat lady I love all of my cat ornaments (yes, that’s plural). This one is cute, because it’s tall and unique.
So there’s my ornament post, kinda lame but it works for me!

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