Blogmas Day 17: Giving Back

Blogmas Day 17

Alright so I have this super cool pic of a cat ornament, and I didn’t even get out and give back. My friend Molly (from All Things M) and I are planning to stop by the local humane society and spend some time with some cute pooches and cuddly kittens! Sounds like the perfect thing to do especially since we’re super broke college girls. So I’ll make sure to post a couple of pictures from that outing when we get to it!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a Gingerbread challenge, but I’m switching it up to Christmas cookies that I decorated! So tomorrow I’ll post about that!

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I haven’t had much time to post for awhile due to the stress of finals week, and moving out of the dorms! I promise to be more active very soon!


Kylie 🙂

Upcoming Series…

Hey guys! After classes are done, I’m going to try a series called “Pinterest Possibilities.” I’m going to try out different things that I found on Pinterest and then post the results and if they actually work. I’ll try to post pictures and other things I find, and if they work I’ll post the link to where you can find it. I’m gonna try to start this series mid-May so keep an eye out!


Kylie 🙂

Hopefully Upgrading…

So I’m trading in my iPhone 4s for the Samsung Galaxy s5. I’m a little nervous for the transition but I’m excited for something cool and new. I’m pretty used to Apple products and I’ve never had a Samsung product so hopefully I catch on quick. I’ll post a little review later!

Wish me luck!


Kylie 🙂

What to look forward to…

I’m gonna try to post at least one thing each day but don’t hold me to that 🙂 I’ve decided to make theme days, and hopefully I can remember to post these.

Cat Pic Monday – Starting out the week with one of my obsessions…CATS 😉

Tune Tuesday – I’ll post a video of a song I’m really liking.

Whatever Wednesday – I’ll post something random.

Throwback Thursday – This is self-explanatory.

Fav Friday – I’ll post a an item that is one of my favorites in a certain topic (make-up, shoes, clothes, books, food, etc.).

Hope you stay tuned! 🙂


Kylie 🙂


Beginners luck?!

I’ve never even thought about starting a blog, but recently one of my friends created one and she has inspired me. I’m not completely sure what my posts will be about, it will probably be a little mix of everything. Please be patient as I try to make this a reflection of me and figure out how everything works. I can’t promise to be interesting, but this is something for me.


Kylie 🙂