A Touch of Holiday Baking


Since I’m home for the Thanksgiving holiday I decided today would be a good day for a little baking. Ever since we had our first South Dakota snowfall, I’ve been the the Christmas spirit. For me, this time of year means baking upon baking, decorating like crazy, buying gifts for all my loved ones, layered clothing, and of course the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. Baking just happens to be one of my favorite things to do even when I’m not in the holiday spirit, so everyday is a good day for baking. 🙂

Today I pulled out my Pinterest board of recipes and started to scroll. I love trying new recipes; desserts and what some call “real food”! I decided to attempt Pumpkin Cookies (supposedly they’re melt in your mouth good) and      Red Velvet Sugar Cookie Bars. Here are the links for the recipes:

Pumpkin Cookies: http://parentpretty.com/pumpkin-cookies-recipe/

Red Velvet Sugar Cookie Bars: http://therecipecritic.com/2014/01/red-velvet-sugar-cookie-bars-cream-cheese-frosting/

I started with the pumpkin cookies, the dough was a little soft and sticky but I assume that’s normal. The recipe says to bake for 10 minutes, but I had to cook mine at least 4 minutes longer. The inside was almost completely raw after 10 minutes. It’s hard to tell if they’re done, so I noticed that when they were more done the coloring was a dull orange, kind of tan color. After 10 minutes, they were more of a deep orange.

After my father’s critique, they get a thumbs up!

20141125_141413                  20141125_154652

The red velvet bars were a little more challenging. The dough was sort of crumbing after I added all of the powdered ingredients. But I also didn’t use an once of food coloring, I use 1/2 once of gel coloring because that tends to be a lot more powerful than the normal coloring and the color turned out great! The frosting was also easy to make for this recipe, and it’s really good!


After my personal critique, these also get a thumbs up! They’re a little dry but that could be adjusted in the recipe.


Look for more upcoming holiday post! Happy Baking! 🙂

20141125_163453                   20141125_170916

My Before College To Do List

So as many other college students, I’m heading back to school this week. I feel like there are so many things I have to do! Luckily, today was my last day of work and I have until Saturday (when I leave) to finish my list. Because I’m returning to school as a sophomore, I don’t have as much stuff to get as I did last year.

I, personally, like to get a lot of appointments out of the way before I leave, even though I go to school only an hour away. I was smart and got my hair appointment out of the way before this week (I like to have fresh ends before I head in to a new school year). I’m getting the dentist out of the way tomorrow, and I’m treating myself to a manicure later this week.

Even though I already have most of the furniture from last year, I still have a lot of little things to get before I head back. Just things like hair products, band aids (actually come in super handy), and other items like that. I’m the kind of person that likes to have new, “fresh” bottles of my products, and it’s also nice to have a set of things at home so I don’t have to pack as much (my roommate taught me that last year).

Another thing I did before school is went through my entire closet/wardrobe. As I’ve said before, I have a shopping problem and sometimes I dig in my closet and find things I’ve totally forgot about, or haven’t even taken the tags off yet (I’m super guilty of that). I realize some of those “must have” tops and shoes never actually get used, and I end up passing them off to a friend or giving them to Good Will.

My next goal is to get every thing packed and organized, and then unpacked and reorganized in my dorm room, wish me luck! And I’d like to wish all of my fellow college students good luck moving in, and with the school year! 🙂


Kylie 🙂

Let’s Get a Little Hairy

Hey guys!

So for some reason I have been all about my hair recently. So I thought it would be fine to post some of my favorite products that I use. I’m not that good at doing my hair, and I never do anything special with it…usually I just straighten it. But recently I have found some things that I love!

Heat protection spray – SO IMPORTANT to use when styling your hair with heat. I’ve tried a lot of brands but I’m completely in LOVE with my current spray! My hair is noticeably softer than it used to be and it’s not as frizzy!

Check out…

L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Sleek It Iron Spray


Color protection spray – I added some blonde highlights this summer and I really didn’t want my hair to fade weird so I looked in to color products. I’ve never used or even heard of anything like this before, but I’m glad I found it on the shelf at Target, because I’m in LOVE! It smells amazing and I think that it is actually working, it could also be helping with the softness.

Check out…

L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Dual Protect SprayHca9_27_pack-shot

Shampoo and Conditioner – I know there are lots of options out there for keeping your hair clean, but if you’re like me (or multiple other girls) and have colored hair, it’s important you have good shampoo to keep you’re hair healthy. Most brands have some sort of color treated hair shampoo and conditioner, but you don’t really need to buy that specifically. According to my hair dresser, anything that says moisturizing or hydrating on the bottle is gonna do the same thing! That could save you a couple bucks at the store. I just switched to a natural shampoo and conditioner and I’m completely in love, and it’s not expensive at all! This also smells amazing!

Check out…

TRESemme Naturals Radiant Volume Shampoo and Conditionertresumme-naturals

TRESemme has and always will be my go to shampoo and conditioner. They are cheap and work fantastic!

I’ve also tried the brand Not Your Mothers, and their products are really good too! They smell great, but they are a little more expensive and you don’t get a lot of product for what you pay for.not-your-mothers-hair-styling-products

Hopefully you learned something, or I’ve helped you out in some way 🙂


Kylie 🙂



A Weekend of Discoveries…

So this weekend I finally enjoyed my first Vans Warped tour! I had a amazing time with some pretty great people! Besides the intense sun, large crowd, and obscene amount of dust, I got to listen to some great music!


So I thought for this post I would give some tips for those of you that plan on attending any sort of all day music festival! So here they are:

1. NEVER, EVER, GO WITHOUT SUNSCREEN! This tip is in all caps because this is beyond important! I, unfortunately, only brought 8 SPF sunscreen and I regret it completely. I’m fried to a crisp, and blistering like crazy! So I learned my lesson. Always bring a strong SPF sunscreen and apply multiple times through out the day!

2. Get a good nights sleep the night before. More than likely you’ll be walking or standing most of the day, and if you’re in the hot sun and in a large crowd, you’re going to be tired. It’s important to get sleep!

3. Eat a decent breakfast! I didn’t eat much before and I didn’t eat anything at all during Warped because I was so hot and dehydrated. Food is always a good plan before a long day! And that leads me to my next tip…

4. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! This is also in all caps because it is extremely important! Not drinking enough can be so dangerous! You don’t want to risk getting sick especially in a large crowd.

5. Make sure you actually enjoy the music that’s going to be played. If you are going to be standing around all day with loud music all around you, you’re going to want to actually enjoy the music. If anything, bring ear plugs to help protect your ears!

6. Bring medication! You never know when a headache will occur! Always be prepared!

7. Don’t be afraid to sit down and take a break! Especially if you’re tired, and hot! You can still enjoy some music if you’re sitting in the grass.

8. Plan, plan, plan! If there’s going to be a lot of bands or groups there, make sure you have an idea of the one’s that you just can’t miss! Some of the time bands are playing at the same times, or their sets overlap…so you might have to decide between the two!

Last but not least…

9. Dress appropriately! Wear the right shoes, especially if you’re going to be walking! Also…if it’s gonna be hot, wear shorts and a tank. If it’s chilly…bring a jacket!

….also consider not wearing sunglasses, you could get some weird tan lines from those (I did.)

I had an amazing time, and I hope that my tips help, and that you all enjoy you’re summer activities.


Kylie 🙂