50 Shades of Grey Review

So I went to see 50 Shades of Grey OPENING NIGHT, and it was completely worth it! If you’ve read the books, then you’ll probably be like me when entering the theater. I had didn’t have a lot of expectations because I was just really interested in how the were going to pull it off with only a “R” rating, and I was worried that it was going to be a horrible movie.

I also wasn’t a fan of the actors they chose to play Ana and Christian. But after watching the movie, I think Jamie Doran is actually the perfect Christian Grey. A lot of critics don’t think his performance was good at all, but I kind of liked it, actually LOVED him as Christian (lots will say I’m crazy for saying that). I also really liked Dakota Johnson as Ana. Johnson and Doran started the movie with a little awkwardness between them but I think it really worked for the movie. They added some humor to the movie as well, and that was a really great addition! It lightened the mood a little bit.

And on to the elephant in the room: the sex scenes. I didn’t think they were that horrible. They were obviously very intense, just like the book, but I didn’t think they were too much. It all depends how you feel about those kinds of scenes in movies, hopefully if you’re not a fan you don’t go to the movie considering the sex is basically the point of the movie.

The ending will get you. It made me beyond mad and frustrated. Ultimately, I will be in the theater opening night for the second movie (if we are lucky enough to get the second, fingers crossed). 🙂

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A Touch of Holiday Baking


Since I’m home for the Thanksgiving holiday I decided today would be a good day for a little baking. Ever since we had our first South Dakota snowfall, I’ve been the the Christmas spirit. For me, this time of year means baking upon baking, decorating like crazy, buying gifts for all my loved ones, layered clothing, and of course the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. Baking just happens to be one of my favorite things to do even when I’m not in the holiday spirit, so everyday is a good day for baking. 🙂

Today I pulled out my Pinterest board of recipes and started to scroll. I love trying new recipes; desserts and what some call “real food”! I decided to attempt Pumpkin Cookies (supposedly they’re melt in your mouth good) and      Red Velvet Sugar Cookie Bars. Here are the links for the recipes:

Pumpkin Cookies: http://parentpretty.com/pumpkin-cookies-recipe/

Red Velvet Sugar Cookie Bars: http://therecipecritic.com/2014/01/red-velvet-sugar-cookie-bars-cream-cheese-frosting/

I started with the pumpkin cookies, the dough was a little soft and sticky but I assume that’s normal. The recipe says to bake for 10 minutes, but I had to cook mine at least 4 minutes longer. The inside was almost completely raw after 10 minutes. It’s hard to tell if they’re done, so I noticed that when they were more done the coloring was a dull orange, kind of tan color. After 10 minutes, they were more of a deep orange.

After my father’s critique, they get a thumbs up!

20141125_141413                  20141125_154652

The red velvet bars were a little more challenging. The dough was sort of crumbing after I added all of the powdered ingredients. But I also didn’t use an once of food coloring, I use 1/2 once of gel coloring because that tends to be a lot more powerful than the normal coloring and the color turned out great! The frosting was also easy to make for this recipe, and it’s really good!


After my personal critique, these also get a thumbs up! They’re a little dry but that could be adjusted in the recipe.


Look for more upcoming holiday post! Happy Baking! 🙂

20141125_163453                   20141125_170916

A Good Read

So I just finished the book A Fault in Our Stars. I had seen the previews for the movie, and when walking in Walmart I passed the book and decided I needed a good read. AND THIS BOOK IS REALLY GREAT! I’m glad I was in a impulse buying mood (like usual) when I encountered this book. While reading you really fall in love with the characters, and you can really envision them dealing with their own illnesses and the unique way they dealt with being terminally ill.

Some of the dialogue is hard to follow because the characters speak in an interesting way, but it was clever and only shaped their personalities (which I’m sure was the authors goal.) I actually finished this book in less than 3 days, and for me that’s pretty good.

ImageThis book is for anymore looking for a love story, a good laugh, and a even bigger cry. I easily cry so maybe it’s just me, but I was in tears. I strongly recommend this book to anyone!



Kylie 🙂

Whatever Wednesday

So today I thought I’d post how my transition from an iPhone 4s to a Samsung s5.

I’ve had the Galaxy for 5 days and I’ve pretty much learned how to use it and navigate around the screens. I still haven’t learned all of the cool features that come with the phone, but I haven’t really made time to look in to them.

Image   Image

Here’s some of the reasons I prefer my Samsung Galazy s5:

1. Bigger screen = bigger display. I never really thought the iPhone was too small, but now I’m so used to the larger screen it’s weird looking at my iPod or at a friends iPhone.

2. The camera is AMAZING. I knew that it was the best camera in a phone, but I didn’t know how cool it was going to be. I love the camera. Even the face camera is better, and there’s a built in feature call “beauty face” that supposedly cleans up your face in a picture. There is also a built in sunlight effect.

3. Bubble on the home screen. I know this is probably dorky, but I love when I click the home screen before I unlock it and bubble appear. And they appear in the different colors of my background, so if there’s a blue shirt the bubble are blue but if I click on a green wristband they are green. I just find that super entertaining.

4. I’m not sure on this, but I think the sounds is of better quality. I watch a lot of YouTube videos so better sound is always good for me!

5. Not that I’ve had a problem in the past but I’m pretty clumsy, the Galaxy is waterproof!

Now, here are some of the things I miss about my iPhone…

1. Everything synced through my iTunes, and my Mac Book. It’s weird not having everything link up. And also, I have a lot of Apple products so I’m pretty used to how the iOS system works. Although there is a program called Kies that is just like ITunes for Samsung and you can download it right on your computer. You can transfer pictures and music and probably anything else you wanted to.

2. iMessage. Since switching phones, it’s hard texting my friends that have iPhones. All of their phones have my number as an iPhone number and it doesn’t switch automatically which means if they haven’t changed my contact, I don’t get their messages. 😦

Overall, I pretty much love my new phone. I love all of the features and the thinness and lightness of the galaxy. I would recommend this phone to anyone wanting a change. 🙂


Kylie 🙂