I’m Back!

So I know I haven’t posted anything in FOREVER, I’ve just been kind of busy with starting my spring semester and work stuff. But I’m back!

I read this article today and I really think its a worth the read. I may not be in a relationship at the moment (or have had one ever) but I still found this information really useful for when I do meet the right person.

DO NOT GET MARRIED Unless You Ask Your Partner These 15 Questions. Or Else You’ll Wish You Had

All of these questions are important and I don’t think that I would have ever thought to ask some of these things. These questions are useful for any serious relationship that could possibly lead to a marriage. And I know that I’ll start to look to these as a serious guide when I meet that special person. Hopefully you all find it as interesting as I did! 🙂

Look for another post this weekend all about baking!

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Today I turn 20

Today is my 20th birthday, and it’s really hard to believe that I’m a sophomore in college, let alone, that I’m 20 year old now. It’s weird how fast time goes once you hit high school and especially when you hit college. So in honor of the “big day” I’ve put together a list of 20 things I want to do while I’m twenty. So kind of like my bucket list for the year.

Here it goes (these are in no specific order)…

1. get my own place

2. pass ALL of my classes

3. get into business school

4. spend less money

5. get a tattoo

6. go to Warped Tour again…and a bunch of other concerts

7. take a fun girls trip

8. be the BEST bridesmaid ever

9. work out more

10. decorate our house perfectly 🙂

11. volunteer at the humane society

12. be less judgmental

13. read more

14. take more pictures

15. become less dependent on my phone

16. go to some hockey games

17. drink less pop

18. spend more time with my friends

19. start attempting to play the guitar again

20. go to church more

So I’ve got a good mix of serious and not-so-serious things, and hopefully I can achieve these or at least start to work on them.


Kylie 🙂