Summer Classes…

Alright…so I’m about half way through this summer class…and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS TO BE OVER. I will never do another online class again. There’s a lot of work in one week. For example, this week I have 3 chapters of stuff…that’s 4 posts, a lab, and a news assignment per a chapter. Plus, a two part test. This is possibly one of the busiest weeks of my life and I had no idea I was gonna have such a huge work load. I’m extremely stressed out, and almost to the point of not caring…which is not a good thing.

My advice: think really hard before enrolling in a summer class, make sure it’s a class that you actually need, and that will benefit you. Make sure you’ll have enough time to work on the homework. Mine is the entire month of July…which tends to be my busiest month.


Kylie 🙂

The not so fun side of summer…

When I think of summer, there are a couple things that come to my mind; sun, free time, fun, beach, friends. But little did I know that my summer would consist of almost non of the above. Reality: work, homework, more work, and finally work. Who knew that working almost 40 hours a week leaves you with almost no life.

I started my summer class yesterday and already I know that I’m not gonna enjoy the homework. I’ve already have like 4 assignments due this Friday…FUN! The whole class is online which could cause issues. I’ve never done an online class so hopefully I can catch on quick. I’m hoping that the rest of the assignments and exams are pretty easy to manage, and hopefully my work schedule is easy to work around.

It’s not like I work all of the time, but when I get home from a 8 hour shift the last thing I want to do is get presentable and go out. All I want to do is eat, get comfy, and relax…or sleep. And whenever I don’t work…I get too lazy, I have chores, or all of the rest of my friends are working.

I’m hoping that this weekend off I can get a really great tan…wish me luck.

Oh the joys of becoming an adult…


Kylie 🙂

Time Management Issues…

When I first decided to start this blog I thought that I would have all the time in the world to post things this summer….WRONG! I’ve had almost no time or motivation to get on here and write a post. I’ve had more going on than expected. I’ve started working almost 40 hours a week, which is almost double than last summer. I’ve also started guitar lessons, which I’m super excited about. I don’t even dedicate enough time to practicing (I need to work on that). Those things don’t sound like a lot but when I get home from a 7-8 hour shift all I was to do is chill out, and relax.

My goal from this day forward is to better manage my time. I don’t want a boring summer, I want an exciting one full of friends, and hopefully decent guitar playing. Another goal is to make more time for blog posts…I’ll try my best on that one. 🙂


Kylie 🙂