My Fall Favorites

As you all probably know, yesterday was the first day of October, aka my favorite month ever! Not only because it’s my birthday month, but also because it’s the “true” beginning of FALL, my favorite season! So I have gathered a list of some of my favorite fall things, because it really is the best season of the year.

So here’s the list…

1. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING – pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, carving pumpkins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin fluff, pumpkin shakes from Culver’s, basically anything with the word “pumpkin” in it is something I enjoy. I’m obsessed with pumpkin flavored things, more than you know.

IMG_2279(my pumpkin from last year)

2. THE LEAVES CHANGING COLORS – you really don’t even need an explanation, they’re just beautiful

3. CHILLY WEATHER – I love those perfect fall days; where the sun is shining but it’s still a little nippy outside: literally my favorite days. There’s something about the slightly crisp air and the sun all wrapped up in to the perfect day.

4. SWEATERS, AND LIGHT JACKETS – so so comfy, and perfect for those fall days; and not to mention, fashionable.

5. IT’S CLOSER TO UGG SEASON – I usually get a ton of crap for being a “basic white girl” in my ugg boots, but I don’t even care because they’re cute, comfy, and warm.

6. DELICIOUS SMELLS – all of the yummy baking, and the burning leave. LOVE those smells, along with, as my roommate calls it, the “Halloween” smell (however you explain that). But there seems to be specific autumn smell in the air: perfection.

7. HALLOWEEN – other than the fourth of July, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Dressing up, candy, spooky things…it’s all too perfect. When I was younger, I can remember being so excited to put on my costume before school and spending the whole day in it, and then spending the evening with my cousins going door to door looking for candy!

8. MY BIRTHDAY – my birthday just happens to land on the 28th of October, so that might have something to do with why this month is so great 😉

9. SQUASH – okay, I normally wouldn’t think of this delicious gourd, but my roommate had some earlier this week and it smelled super good!

So there’s my list. I hope that everyone has a wonderful October, and makes the most out of this wonderful season! Hopefully there are more posts coming soon, so stay tuned 🙂


Kylie 🙂


Fav Friday! – An Ode to Jeans

So today’s Fav Friday is all about JEANS! I’m sorta obsessed with jeans (my roommate, Caitlyn, gave me crap for having so many pairs). I have like 8 pairs of jeans, surprisingly they are all different. I guess, according to Caitlyn, having more than 4 pairs is weird. My “obscene” amount of jeans may also come from my crazy shopping problem (something I inherited from my grandma. She even told me the other day that when I was a little girl, my mom came up to her and told her that I was gonna be a shopper like her.) I just love clothes, and you can never have too many clothes, right? 🙂

I don’t know why people wouldn’t want to have lots of different jeans, they go with almost anything. You can dress them down with a t-shirt and tennis shoes, or dress them up with a nice top and cute sandals. You can where them in the winter, fall, spring, and summer (I love to roll my skinny jeans into capris). I’m don’t like to wear denim shorts that often, I feel like everything is out there. I don’t feel comfortable, so I usually also just roll up my jeans and do a tank if its hot. If it’s super hot to the point where jeans are out of the question, I resort to running shorts…so comfy.

Some people feel the need to spend over $50 on a pair of jeans, sometimes over $100. I think that’s crazy…who cares about sparkly pockets. I’m a glitter person, and I would love a pair of Rock Revivals or Miss Mes but I will never spend over $50 dollars on a pair of jeans. It’s just crazy! I personally love American Eagle jeans. They are super comfortable, they have great washes, and they commonly have a sale where you can get jeans for under $30. Seriously, THAT’S A GREAT DEAL! I only wear AE jeans, and I can’t get enough! I recommend everyone goes and buys a pair…or 5! 😉

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Kylie 🙂

Fav Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is getting ready for a eventful weekend, I know that I am! My high school’s prom is this weekend and in honor of that I thought I would do a Fav Friday in honor of that. It’s going to be stretching the theme a bit, but it’s my blog and I made the theme so I guess I can do what I want! 🙂 I’m going to post my “favorite” prom look, so basically what I would want if I could go to prom one last time!

Just so you guys know…I’m just going through my pins on pinterest to find these!

1. the dress! probably the most important part of your look! My junior year I went for big and poofy, and senior year I went for a simple A-line with some beading on the top.

Image     Image   

I feel like green is always a good choice. I’m not sure about other schools, but at my school green was never a popular prom dress color…especially the deep green. I’m a huge fan of glitter and sparkle, not so much the pink, but I love the look of this second dress.


I just really loved the back of this purple dress. I personally loved having my one strap my senior year, it’s just a sense of protection. Plus, you don’t have to constantly keep pulling up your dress all night…that’s a huge bonus!

2. Hair! another super important thing to consider! I did half down, half up for my junior year and all the way up my senior year. Personally I think an up-do is easier for prom, it’s cooler and doesn’t get in the way.

Image     Image

Up-dos are good if you have a dress with a dramatic back or if you know it’s going to be hot or wet.

Hair down can be really simple and cute! It all depends on your dress, and your preference.

3. MAKE-UP! this can make or break a look. For both of my years of prom, I didn’t do much for make-up and I regret it. At that time in my life I was sorta make-up challenged so it probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway. I think that for prom you should go for a simple yet noticeable look, but don’t over do it. Personally, I prefer a more natural look but I want it too look like I tried.


I love these lashes!!

4. Shoes! I’d definitely go for comfort. You’re probably going to spend a hour if not more taking pictures…plus dinner, and grand march. My senior year I wore Vans, and it looked fine!


5. Jewelry! it’s definitely a personal preference. I’m not a big jewelry person to begin with so I didn’t wear much. To be honest, a corsage was annoying enough for a evening (even though it was gorgeous). Unlike my roommate, who is blinged out 24/7; I actually have never seen her without at least 3 rings or bracelets. So jewelry was probably a big thing for prom for her.


This was my actual corsage for my senior year; it had strips of rhinestone is it! LOVE!

6. your date! of course this is not required, but sometimes a date can make the whole experience better. You don’t need a boyfriend, just pick someone that you’re comfortable with and that you know you’ll have fun with. I took my best friend, and he was the best date I could ask for!

I hope this was semi-interesting! Have a great weekend!


Kylie 🙂

It’s Fav Friday!

Hey guys! Today goes out to one of my favorite apps, Timehop! Image

This app syncs with your facebook, twitter, photos, and intsagram and shows you your post from 1, 2, 3 years ago. It gives you a report everyday with all the things it finds. It’s entertaining to see all of the old you posts, most of mine are pretty funny…and embarrassing. It’s pretty scary how weird I was years ago…haha.

Here’s part of what my timehop looked like today.


I hope everyone is having a great Good Friday!


Kylie 🙂