VDAY Day 3: Easy Date Ideas!

Even though I haven’t had many Valentine’s Dates, here are some things that I would enjoy, or that I would set up for that someone special:

1. Gather some blankets, cushions, pillows, and anything comfy and make your living room or bedroom super comfy and cozy. Add some candles maybe some of your favorite snacks or order food in and make it a movie or Netflix night! This will keep things casual but it also shows that you put some thought in to it. Plus you spend close to nothing putting this together!

2. Get in the kitchen! Making dinner together would be the perfect way to start out your evening. Pick your favorite dish, or take a little risk and try something completely new!

3. If you live somewhere that has decent weather in February, set up a cute little picnic! Or even if you have to suffer through the wintery weather (like me), you could set up a little romantic picnic in your living room! You could even combine idea number 2, and cook your dinner and then picnic it up in the living room!

4. Go to a concert! If you are both music fans (who isn’t, though?) get some concert tickets! This could be a little pricey (depending on the artist) but I personally would LOVE this!

5. This idea might not be for everyone, but ice skating! A lot of rinks (at least around where I live) are still open and this would make a cute date idea as well! I personally am not super coordinated on the ice, so I would struggle big time! But you could still make it fun!

No matter how you choose to spend your VDay this year, just remember it doesn’t always have to be all about spending a bunch of money and getting all fancy. If going all out is your style, then definitely go for it, just don’t feel pressure or get stressed over it!

See you tomorrow for my favorite Valentines treat!

Sign off

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