VDAY WEEK Day 2: DIY Gift Guide

Today is all about do it yourself gifts! I think Valentines Day is the perfect time to make something for someone you love, partly because I’m not really in to spending a lot of money on this day. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money to show some one how much you love and appreciate them, so here are some ideas!

VDay Gift Guide

1: 52 Reasons I Love You Deck
These are super popular and I LOVE THEM! It may be hard to come up with all of the 52 reasons, but get cute and creative with it. Think about little quirks and things that the other might not think of! It might be tedious to put it all together in a deck of cards but I think it’s totally worth it!

2: Printable Dates
I’ve never heard of something like this but I think it’s a great idea. I can imagine it might be hard to think of unique dates, and this could really help, and it’s kind of fun to have a set list!

3: Printable Coupons
Whether it’s printable one’s you find online or if you make some on your own, cute little coupon books make a great gift!

4: Open When Envelopes
You can find these all over Pinterest. I LOVE this idea, and I plan to definitely make my own version of these for my future boyfriend. They are an inexpensive gift, and that might take a little while but I think they are totally worth it!

6: Flower and Favorite Candy-
So simple, but still means a lot. Even just a single flower is great. I, personally, am not into HUGE gestures for Valentines Day. I’m more of a DIY girl myself. So I’d be happy with something like this. Valentines Day is about being with those you love, not how much you spend, right? 🙂

All of these would make amazing gifts, that I’m sure that anyone would LOVE these gifts, I know I would! Tomorrow is all about DATE ideas!! See ya then!

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