So I took another little break (I’ll try to work on that) but I’m back to announce that it’s…

VDay Title

Even though I’m single and ready to mingle ;), I really enjoy Valentines Day! So I came up with daily posts all about Valentines day! Here’s what’s in the works this week:

Week Day Topics

I’m excited! Today is all about blogs I LOVE! Here are my top three!

1. Tay Meets World – I love this blog because Tay has a little bit of everything in her posts! This is a blog I really look up to, and I aspire to be a blogger like Tay. She is also one of the creators of the 25 Days of Christmas series I did this past December.

2. All Things M – I might be a little biased on this one because this blogger is one of my best friends, but she has a great blog! I also have to give her credit because she came up with the idea to start her blog, and I kinda stole it and started a blog as well!

3. With All My Affection – This is another blogger I look up to! She also has a wide variety of posts, but I also like that she is very active with her readers!

Check out all of these great blogs, and check back here tomorrow for DIY gift ideas!

Sign off


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