Blogmas Day 15: Christmas Traditions

Blogmas Day 15

My family has been doing pretty much the same thing every Christmas for as long as I can remember.

My mom’s side always spends Christmas Eve and Christmas morning together. Grandma makes us a super delicious roast beef dinner, and then while the adults wash dishes, us children separate presents downstairs and “patiently” wait until it’s time to open them. My cousins and I (there is only four of us) usually stay the night at our grandparents, and then wait until “morning” to open our stockings…(we count midnight as morning). Then we wake up to homemade caramel rolls.

On my dad’s side, we usually get together the Saturday before Christmas. We have lunch, and when all the cousins were younger we used to draw names for presents because we’re a pretty large family. But once we all got older, we switched to white elephant gifts. Each of us would find some that we didn’t want anymore, or a bad gift from someone else and wrap it up and give it away. This year we switched it up to actual gifts, so I’m excited to see what we all came up with.

Another tradition that I really love on this side of my family, is that our grandparents give each grandchild, and each couple an ornament. Before my grandma passed, she’d usually pick a specific one for each of us which I thought was really special (I still have ALL of mine). Now, my grandpa gets us all super pretty ball ornaments (last years is in my title picture).

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