Blogmas14 Day 12: Winter Activities

Sorry for the late post, I had a presentation this morning, followed by intense packing, and then even more intense Christmas shopping and present wrapping. Finals week is the best…NOT!

Today is all about favorite winter activities. When I was younger, my brother and I were all about sledding. My house has a pretty awesome hill in the backyard for sledding, so we were set! If we were lucky, my dad would bring out the four wheeler, and hook up the toboggan and pull us around the yard.

I’m also a huge fan of holiday baking, if it’s not already obvious! 🙂 I like just turning on the Christmas music, and baking my little heart away. Everyone around me also enjoys it, so that’s a bonus! Decorating the house, and gift shopping is also one of my FAVORITE activities! I’m a big shopper, especially when I’m buying clothes or gifts for my friends and family!

I’ve gone ice skating like twice ever in my life, and believe me, it’s not a pretty sight. I wish that I could skate better, but because I’m me, I tend to fall a lot…like all the time. So it’s a tad embarrassing, but I like to think I can try to look super graceful like the professionals.

Tomorrow is all about my favorite Christmas present! 🙂

Sign off



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