Blogmas14 Day 11: My Wish List

Blogmas Day 11I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older, my Christmas list gets shorter and shorter. This year there wasn’t much on my list. Probably because I don’t want any toys anymore, and I basically buy the stuff I need throughout the year. This summer, my friends and I are getting our own place, so I’m really hoping for money or gift cards to get some stuff I need for that. Friends have asked me for ideas, and I can never come up with anything I want, that’s always a challenge for me. I’m the kind of person that likes to come up with ideas of my own for my friends and family, but some people are really hard to think of presents for so I end up guessing. So here’s my super short, not so helpful Christmas list!

My Wish List:

1. Ralph Lauren Polo 2 Perfume

2. Ugg Boots

3. Bose Mini Bluetooth Speaker

4. Giftcards

I told you it was short! Christmas isn’t about the gifts anyways!

Tomorrow is all about winter activities!

Sign off

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