Blogmas Day 9: The Meaning of Christmas

Blogmas Day 9Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year! I love everything about Christmas time, everything seems much more magical than usual; the lights and the decorations play in to that! I love everything about the holiday, especially these things:

Personally, one of my favorite things during the holidays is getting presents for all of my friends and family. I am definitely a big giver, I could spend so much on just getting presents for my friends! And they all hate me for giving too much, but they’ll have to deal with it!

I also love singing Christmas carols! I’m love singing all of the time, but Christmas carols are especially amazing! Christmas music just adds to the magic of Christmas.

The Christmas Eve service is my favorite time to go to church. The church is always completely full, and we sing some of my favorite songs (I belt them out, or course). The Christmas story is my all time favorite. I just really find it amazing, that the Son of God was born in a manager and was raised as a regular kid, and then he grew in to this person that did so much for us and eventually died for our sins. It’s just some pretty remarkable stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my favorite Christmas cookie recipe!

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2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 9: The Meaning of Christmas

  1. I agree! I think the Christmas Eve service is so beautiful. I wish I went to church more often than I do but I rarely miss the Christmas Eve service with my family. It’s such a wonderful thing to witness.

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