Blogmas14′ Day 6: Holiday Fashion

So I left my entire closet at school this weekend, completely forgetting about this post. So I’m just going to write this post without any of my actual clothes. 😦

I am all about the layering during this cold season. I have a denim shirt that I adore, from American Eagle, and I love pairing it with an army green or maroon v-neck, and maybe adding a scarf. I also purchased my very first flannel, my roommate inspired me, and I usually wear that unbuttoned with a v-neck and of course a Neff beanie. I beyond love Neff beanies, I wish I had more outfits that would work with the two I have.

Untitled copy
Untitled copy
(yes, the flannel I bought was men’s, but its roomy, comfy, and it was only $7)
**all images are linked to the site where I found them, and where you can purchase them**
I am also a HUGE Ugg boot girl. No matter how “basic” I look, I wear them almost everyday. Yes, they are expensive, but they’re warm, comfy, and, in my opinion, cute. Plus, they last a long time, so they’re worth the money. So I embrace the stereotype proudly on a daily basis.
Thanks for the read, and come back tomorrow for Day 7: DIY Christmas Present! I’m making mugs!
Sign off

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