Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Memories

It was kind of hard to think of some memories to write about today. That sounds bad, but I pretty much do the same thing  every year, my family doesn’t really switch it up much and I’m totally okay with that. I like our traditions.

One year, the adults of my family were busy doing the dishes after our Christmas dinner and in an effort to get rid of us anxious children (we were ready for the presents already), they suggested that we carol at the neighbors. We spend the holiday at my grandparents twin home, and their neighbors were an elderly couple, who happened to be alone that Christmas Eve. The husband was sick, so they thought it could brighten their spirits. Of course, none of us wanted to go sing on a strangers doorstep, but our parents were very persistent. We decided to sing “Jingle Bells” because that was probably the only carol that we all knew most of the words. So as we were walking over (the whole 20 feet), of course we were nervous. We rang the door bell, greeted the woman and started our song. We didn’t exactly sing the song correctly, or in tune. I’m not sure if we sounded that good at all, but you could tell that she appreciated it a lot. We left their door feeling really good about our selves, and slightly embarrassed. That was the first time and only time I’ve ever caroled. I would love to do it again, but I’d be more comfortable in a group larger than 4.

There was one Christmas Eve, way back when I was younger. Santa actually stopped by my grandparents house. No one would of ever guessed that it was Mr. Clause knocking on the door. He glad us all candy canes, and talked to all of us. To this day I have no idea who was actually behind the beard, or if I’ve actually ever met that person.

Hopefully this year, I’ll add to the memory bank with my friends and family. Check back tomorrow for some of my favorite winter fashion!

Sign off



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