What if…

So I don’t know if I’m weirdo, but something that that pops in my head from time to time is: what if you could only listen to 10 songs for the rest of your life…just one playlist on repeat. If you really think about it that would totally suck, I don’t think I’ve ever had just one favorite song. Usually, I have a couple of songs that I’m obsessed for a little bit and then I move on to different ones. But then again, there are those songs that I could listen to over and over again and they will always be one of my anthems.

So if I were to make my list right at this moment I think my songs would be:

1. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey (a classic, this will never get old)

2. Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker (I hated this song until last year, it became one of my faves)

3. Oh Well, Oh Well – Mayday Parade

4. Sleeping with a Friend – Neon Trees

5. Forever and Always – Parachute (this song is incredibly sad, but I’m in love)

6. Would You Go with Me – Josh Turner

7. Wherever You Will Go – The Calling (I almost forgot about this song, but so great)

8. Clairvoyant – The Story So Far (one of my ultimate favorites songs)

9. Your Nickel Ain’t Worth My Dime – Sleeping with Sirens (I love my some Kellin Quinn)

10. I Want it That Way – The Backstreet Boys


So there’s my list…it would probably change if I had the opportunity in this unrealistic situation.


Kylie 🙂


2 thoughts on “What if…

  1. I TOTALLY agree with Don’t Stop Believing, Forever and Always, Clairvoyant, and Where Ever You Will Go. And although I love Darius Rucker, I think I would want something else. All of You by John Legend, Everything bu Michael Buble, and The Good Stuff bu Kenny Chesney would probably make my list 🙂

    And for a good laugh, All About the Bass 🙂
    love you!

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