Lashes, lashes, lashes…

So right now I’m slightly obsessed with having perfect lashes. If you’re a lady who wears make-up, maybe you can relate but maybe it’s just me. Until the last couple of years I haven’t really been in to doing my make-up that much, but for some reason when I got to college I’ve stepped up my game.

I usually use three different types of mascara in my daily routine…which may seem like a lot but they all work perfectly together (at least for me). As much as I might like to use fake lashes, I don’t really have the skill to do that or the time and energy to do that everyday…or the money.

Here’s my routine:

First, I like to use a light layer of Maybelline One By One, and then I use a eyelash curler. After they’re curled I then re-apply the same mascara but a little thicker this time. 

20110107_bb_250x375 Second, I use my ULTIMATE FAVORITE MASCARA on the planet which is L’Oreal Voluminous. This really adds definition and some fullness to the lashes. Love this one!

2132748Thirdly, I use Covergirl Clump Crusher to add some separation and definition to my lashes. Just for a final coat.

WDY020113_057_057I don’t usually use this mascara (They’re Real), but my roommate got my a little sample last Christmas. It’s pretty expensive stuff, and I haven’t really found the right way to apply it yet (if that makes sense).


When I do my make-up I tend to get a little crazy when my lashes get even a little messed up, and this seems to be the best combination that I’ve found.

Thanks for reading!


Kylie 🙂


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