Summer Classes…

Alright…so I’m about half way through this summer class…and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS TO BE OVER. I will never do another online class again. There’s a lot of work in one week. For example, this week I have 3 chapters of stuff…that’s 4 posts, a lab, and a news assignment per a chapter. Plus, a two part test. This is possibly one of the busiest weeks of my life and I had no idea I was gonna have such a huge work load. I’m extremely stressed out, and almost to the point of not caring…which is not a good thing.

My advice: think really hard before enrolling in a summer class, make sure it’s a class that you actually need, and that will benefit you. Make sure you’ll have enough time to work on the homework. Mine is the entire month of July…which tends to be my busiest month.


Kylie 🙂


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