Just keep plucking

So this summer I have made a pact to myself to finally learn how to play guitar. I’ve always loved music, and I absolutely love to sing…ALL THE TIME (probably too much…just ask my friends). Well last summer I planned to save up the money to buy a acoustic guitar, but my amazing neighbors surprised me with one! So I took on the task of trying to teach myself the basics. Let me tell you…it’s not that easy. I bought books and a DVD, and watched You Tube videos, but I could never get the cords right. I learned about individual notes 9 notes all together. I couldn’t even play those decently. I’m the kind of person that has to be comfortable with my skill level before I can “show off my talent.” I soon just became overly frustrated and gave up, plus there was no room in my new dorm for a guitar anyway.

Sooo before this summer began, I found someone that could actually teach me for real. And thankfully, I found a pretty great teacher. I’ve only had four lessons and I’m already like 10 times better than I was when I was teaching myself. I’m super glad that I decided to continue my adventure with the guitar. Maybe when I get to the right level of comfort, I’ll maybe even post a video…who knows.

I really just want encourage everyone to try learning something new. Whether it’s an instrument, a sport, a form of art, or even just pick up a skill. It’s something that can only pay off in the future! Plus it’s an easy way to express your self!


Kylie 🙂


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