Fav Friday! – An Ode to Jeans

So today’s Fav Friday is all about JEANS! I’m sorta obsessed with jeans (my roommate, Caitlyn, gave me crap for having so many pairs). I have like 8 pairs of jeans, surprisingly they are all different. I guess, according to Caitlyn, having more than 4 pairs is weird. My “obscene” amount of jeans may also come from my crazy shopping problem (something I inherited from my grandma. She even told me the other day that when I was a little girl, my mom came up to her and told her that I was gonna be a shopper like her.) I just love clothes, and you can never have too many clothes, right? πŸ™‚

I don’t know why people wouldn’t want to have lots of different jeans, they go with almost anything. You can dress them down with a t-shirt and tennis shoes, or dress them up with a nice top and cute sandals. You can where them in the winter, fall, spring, and summer (I love to roll my skinny jeans into capris). I’m don’t like to wear denim shorts that often, I feel like everything is out there. I don’t feel comfortable, so I usually also just roll up my jeans and do a tank if its hot. If it’s super hot to the point where jeans are out of the question, I resort to running shorts…so comfy.

Some people feel the need to spend over $50 on a pair of jeans, sometimes over $100. I think that’s crazy…who cares about sparkly pockets. I’m a glitter person, and I would love a pair of Rock Revivals or Miss Mes but I will never spend over $50 dollars on a pair of jeans. It’s just crazy! I personally love American Eagle jeans. They are super comfortable, they have great washes, and they commonly have a sale where you can get jeans for under $30. Seriously, THAT’S A GREAT DEAL! I only wear AE jeans, and I can’t get enough! I recommend everyone goes and buys a pair…or 5! πŸ˜‰

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Kylie πŸ™‚


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