Blogmas Day 4: Gifts for Him

Guys are way harder to shop for, and it always takes me forever to find the right gift. Granted, I don’t have many guys to shop for, considering I’m single. But I do have gifts for my dad, brother, and my guy best friend to find. Here’s some ideas that I think that I hope guys would enjoy!

Gifts for Him

1: NFL Puff Ball Hat (choose their favorite team) – $19.95

2: 3-Piece Nestled Barbecue Tool Set – $9.99

3: Polo Ralph Lauren Plaid Flannel Pajama Pants – $29.99

4: Philips Norelco Shaver 5100 – $99.99

5: Local Sports Team Tickets (Sioux Falls Stampede) – $10-$42

6: Madden NFL 15 (for any device) – $59.99

7: Guns n Roses Live Era 87-93 (or their favorite band’s album) – $16.19

8: Hollister Jake Cologne – $38

9: For the athletic…Nike Academy T-Shirt – $30

10: Buffalo Wild Wings Giftcard – you choose

11: Vans C&L 59 – $55

This list was hard to come up with but I feel like there are some good choices or ideas. Hopefully this eases your holiday shopping a little bit. Thanks for reading and check in tomorrow for Blogmas14′ Day 5: My Favorite Holiday Memory!



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